Still Srinagar

A photo-blog of Jehangir’s paradise… 

Besotted with the beauty of Kashmir, the Mughal Emperor Jehangir is said to have proclaimed: “If there is paradise on earth, it is this, it is this, it is this”.Centuries later, Kashmir’s heavenly perfection still envelops you so naturally. It is still Srinagar.

The graceful simplicity of Srinagar shines through in everything you see…the vestiges of Mughal architecture, the sprawling gardens of the emperors, the undying spirit of the locals to survive, and the calmness of the Dal Lake. The city seems to have been caught in a time warp, while the world has moved on!  

Explore the Nishat Bagh, Shalimar Gardens and Pari Mahal for a first-hand experience of how Jehangir spent his time while at court in Kashmir in the 17th century. Explore these exemplary pieces of Mughal ‘charbagh’ landscaping, with their limpid fountain pools, terraced water channels and exotic flower gardens.

Allow yourself to dream about Jehangir and Noor Jehan taking a leisurely stroll nearby, accompanied by their entire entourage, stopping to smell a delightful rose or sit under a shaded canopy.

Gaze at the tall mountains that stand majestically, witness to the thousands of years of history. Observe the roses of varied colors – red, pink, peach, orange, yellow, clustered in bunches all over. Breathe in the sweet smell of gainda flowers that fills the air. Lose yourself in the glory of nature that surrounds you under the open skies. Walnut trees proudly declare their lineage. Pine and fir trees stand like guards. An eagle flies by, then glides for a while. Dragonflies flutter their wings. Jugnus whirr in the gardens, graceful weeping willows, their long branches dangle and sway in the gentle breeze. Study those crinkled and folds in the mountains. Think about timelessness. Wonder about how tiny you are.

Later, take a shikara ride on the Dal Lake dotted with wooden houseboats and surrounded by mighty mountains. Watch life on the lake, as it been since several decades. Smiling children rowing off to school. Shops on shikaras selling local handicrafts, daily provisions, even small cafes and tea-stalls!  Drink in the sights of the clouded skies casting shadows, the silvery water shimmering and rippling in the winds. Observe the circular road, encircling the sparkling diamond that shimmers with the rays of the sun and the tall, thin poplars that surround the lake front. Peace, calm and serenity will engulf you as you sip warm kahwa and listen to the shikara-rower narrate tales of yester-years. In the distance, hear the sounds of the namaaz, soft, musical strains blending with the atmosphere.

And imagine…what if peace made a comeback!

Pondering over peace at the ramparts of Pari Mahal
Sounds of silence at Shah Hamdan Mosque, a 15th-century delight in red-brick
Layered water-bodies in Nishat Bagh seem to flow quietly into the Dal Lake.
Silver and pearls appear to rain softly through the fabulous fountains
Flowers spread their delicate beauty
Peaceful moments in every corner of Shalimar Gardens
The soft glow of the setting sun spreads serenity
Sometimes, only the perspective matters
Not a care in the world…children row off to school
Life goes on on the lake
A shikara on the shimmering Dal Lake…pure paradise.

42 thoughts on “Still Srinagar

  1. These pictures are like a sigh….so peaceful and beautiful. What a fantastic experience. I would love to take the whole family. What airport did you fly into?

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  2. I love the photo of the kids rowing to school. It was especially interesting to see the photos of life on the water in your post. I also really enjoyed reading about and seeing photos of the Shalimar Gardens.

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  3. Have been to Jammu and Kashmir a lot of times and the beauty of Srinagar is truly unparalleled.A boat ride in the Dal Lake followed by a stroll in Nishat Bagh and finally some authentic kashmiri food at Ahdoos.

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  4. wow this looks really peaceful. I would have never thought of going to a place like this but you have definitely encouraged me to pay it a visit. Great pics as well. Was it expensive to visit or was it somewhat affordable? I find touristic places to be a bit expensive 🙂


  5. You are a great writer and an excellent photographer! All these places look lovely, and I hope to one day visit Nishat Bagh, after seeing your photos 🙂

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  6. Great images! India is full of incredible places that I even didn’t know about. Those gardens and fountains are so beautiful. Thanks for the introduction. 🙂

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  7. This looks beautiful! I’m hoping to get out to Kashmir next Spring and find my own peace & paradise. My own Srinagar. I quite like that word and the way the history of the area makes this part of your journey more exciting. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Wow… such amazing photos! I haven’t been to this place yet and honestly, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and surely now, I’m taking note of it for the future! Thank you for sharing this lovely place ❤


  9. These are some serene photographs! Brilliant shots.

    I’ve had a long love affair with Kashmir, and this year was incredible when I travelled there in the curfew and came back with fabulous stories. Maybe you ‘ll like checking them out.



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