Never stop dreaming

After launching India’s first human resources magazine, then publishing and editing it for a long 17 years, when I moved out of the business two years back, everyone asked me “Why”?

“Why not?” Taking a new direction has come with the inevitables: questions, struggles, uncertainties, self-doubts. But also discipline (okay, mostly indiscipline). Tons of inspiration (and perspiration). Grope-in-the-dark learning. Flashbulb-eureka-moments. Patience (won’t ever get a grip on that one, though). And joy. A lot of joy.

Now, as I tick-off this long-overdue travel blog from my ‘to-do’ list, my brain and heart (specially my heart) are churning up an crazily-happy concoction of excitement and trepidation. While expressing myself in a saturated travel blogging e-space, I hope, in own my way, to touch some chord in your heart…replay the magic of favourite destinations, recharter ‘must-go-see’ plans, and rediscover how exploring the world can be the ultimate enriching experience.

So. On the origins of the wanderlust…

Vikas and I made our first travel bucket list on a scrap of paper, sitting cross-legged on the sleeper berths of the Karnataka Express, while rumbling across 2400 kms of the country, vertically from Delhi to South India over 40 hours. It was a two-week getaway right after our wedding, which turned into an annual affair. (The two-week getaway, of course!) My blog is based on our globetrotting escapades together.

Everyone has their favourite recipe for delicious travel, and mine comes with rich doses of history, culture and everyday exotic. Think vintage cafes, medieval streets, and specially cobbled roads. Follow my blog for my personal stories across legendary old cities, charming everyday scenes and mesmerising natural wonders. From Porto’s blush Ribiera to the sapphire Pacific waters of New Zealand, from black wooden houses of Volendam to the lush green tea gardens of Kerala, join me as I trapeze along my colourful journeys tracing world heritage in all its heavenly glory.

The other heaven? That’s seriously overrated!

Punita Malhotra